Seroprevalence of human herpes virus 8 antibody in populations at high or low risk of transfusion, graft, or sexual transmission of viruses.

Challine D, RoudotThoraval F, Sarah T, et al.
Transfusion 2001;41(9):1120-1125.
Review by : V. Kretschmer.
NATA Review
HHV-8 is a pathogenic virus. However, it is still unclear whether HHV-8 can be transmitted by blood transfusion. The article gives some evidence that
blood transfusion is, if at all, a minor route for transmission of HHV-8, at least when leukodepleted blood is used. The major route is the sexual route. However, the real risk of transmission of HHV-8 by blood transfusion still could not be answered by the study.

– V. Kretschmer.

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