Analysis of 516 reaction reports after transfusion of blood cell components.

Frere MC, Rapaille A, Bouillenne C, Gerard C, Sondag D, Verhees A
Transfus Clin Biol 2001;8(4):333-342.
Review by : Kretschmer V.
NATA Review
The article gives data on transfusion reactions that are not conclusive. There is no doubt about the reduction of non-hemolytic transfusion reactions in chronically transfused patients when using leukodepleted cellular blood components. Finding no difference in the incidence of transfusion reactions between leukodepleted and non-leukodepleted RBCs is contrary to daily experience. However, it is true that universal leukodepletion does not reduce transfusion reactions as significantly as directed leukodepletion (chronically transfused patients, patients with a history of transfusion reactions, etc.).

– V. Kretschmer.

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