Reduction in erythropoietin doses by the use of chronic intravenous iron supplementation in iron-replete hemodialysis patients.

The authors from Taiwan state that they used “Ferrum Hausmann, a ferric polymaltose complex.” Under the same name (Ferrum Hausmann), iron saccharate (identical to iron sucrose) has been licensed in several European countries. The confusion concerning various iron sugar compounds gets even greater when one considers that “ferric polymaltose complex” was reported as being used […]

Iron administration and clinical outcomes in hemodialysis patients.

This study raises two important questions: First, are the observed adverse events upon high dose iron dextran users due to confounding variables such as comorbidity, or are they true iron dextran effects? Second, if they are true iron dextran effects, are they caused by the iron or the dextran? – C. Gasche.

Potential role for rFVIIa in transfusion medicine.

This a thorough and comprehensive review on the mechanism of action and various indications and uses of rFVIIa, highlighting the pivotal role of factor VII in hemostasis, as well as the efficacy and safety of rFVIIa. – M. Aldouri.