Effects of ultra-purified polymerized bovine hemoglobin on local tissue oxygen tension in striated skin muscle – An efficacy study in the hamster.

Botzlar A, Steinhauser P, Nolte D
Eur Surg Res 2002;34(1-2):106-113.
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Review by : Hardy JF
NATA Review
This is another study on the potential benefits of an oxygen carrier (ultrapurified polymerized bovine hemoglobin solution) on tissue perfusion after hypervolemic infusion or exchange transfusion of 50% of blood volume in a hamster model. The authors have shown that the infusion of the hemoglobin solution actually decreases (slightly) mean tissue pO2 but homogenizes local tissue pO2 distribution. Clinicians are left to wonder if this is good for hamsters and, more importantly, what the effect in humans will be.

– J.-F. Hardy.

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