Successful use of recombinant factor VIIa in a patient with inhibitor secondary to severe factor XI deficiency.

Lawler P, White B, Pye S, et al.
Haemophilia 2002;8(2):145-148.
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After using rFVIIa effectively in the treatment of hemophilia patients with inhibitors against factors VIII and IX, this case report illustrates its efficacy in treating a 62-year-old woman with high titer inhibitor against factor XI. The patient received FXI:C to successfully cover several previous surgical procedures, however on this occasion the level of FXI inhibitor was higher at 48 BU. The patient underwent cataract extraction with no excess bleeding after receiving a bolus of rFVIIa 90 mg/kg followed by continuous infusion of 20 mg/kg/hr for 18 hrs.

– M. Aldouri.

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