Activated recombinant factor VII for control of diffuse bleeding after implantation of ventricular assist device.

Potapov EV, Pasic M, Bauer M, Hetzer R
Ann Thorac Surg 2002;74(6):2182-2183.
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Review by : Aldouri M
NATA Review
This is another case report on the use of rFVIIa in controlling excessive bleeding during open heart surgery. A 57 year old woman underwent implantation of bilateral ventricular assist device for management of cardiogenic shock. The procedure was complicated by excessive bleeding which did not respond to massive transfusion of blood products, in addition to administration of aprotinin and desmopressin. Two doses of rFVIIa were eventually given which led to rapid reduction in blood loss.

– Maadh Aldouri

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