Successful use of recombinant factor VIIa for massive bleeding after Caesarean section due to HELLP syndrome.

Salek SZ, Sokolic V, Viskovic T, Sanjug J, Simic M, Kastelan M
Acta Haematol 2002;108(3):162-163.
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Review by : Aldouri M
NATA Review
This is a case report on a 31-yr-old woman who suffered with severe post-partum hemorrhage (PPH) following a cesarean section because of severe HELLP syndrome. She did not respond to massive transfusion of blood components, and had laboratory evidence of severe DIC. She eventually had a remarkable response to one dose of rFVIIa at a dose of 90 μg/kg and did not require further transfusions. There was a similar case report of PPH and DIC following cesarean section which responded to rFVIIa (Moscardo F et al, Br J Haematol 2001; 113:174-6).

– Maadh Aldouri

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