Ferrous fumarate deteriorated plasma antioxidant status in patients with Crohn disease.

Erichsen K, Hausken T, Ulvik RJ, Svardal A, Berstad A, Berge RK
Scand J Gastroenterol 2003;38(5):543-548.
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There are a few who disregard the importance of free oxygen radicals as a cause of tissue injury and of DNA damage in inflammatory bowel diseases (potentially leading to the development of colorectal cancer). There are also a few who disbelieve in the intolerance of oral ferrous iron in inflammatory bowel diseases. As Erichsen and coworkers have created a link between intolerability and pro-oxidant activity of oral ferrous fumarate in Crohn’s disease, they provide important information for clinical practice, i.e. not to use oral iron in inflammatory bowel diseases.

– Christoph Gasch

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