Recombinant factor VIIa to control excessive bleeding following surgery for congenital heart disease in pediatric patients.

Tobias JD, Simsic JM, Weinstein S, Schechter W, Kartha V, Michler R
J Intensive Care Med 2004;19(5):270-273.
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This study gives further evidence on the effectiveness of factor VIIa in controlling bleeding in pediatric cardiac surgery. Nine children who had excessive postoperative bleeding received a single dose of rFVIIa which resulted in significant reduction in bleeding. Rate of bleeding post rFVIIa was similar to 8 control patients who did not require treatment with rFVIIa. No side effects were reported, and the authors conclude that further study of the use of rFVIIa in pediatric cardiac surgery is warranted.

– Maadh Aldouri

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