Blood transfusion is associated with donor leukocyte microchimerism in trauma patients.

Utter GH, Owings JT, Lee TH, et al.
J Trauma 2004;57(4):702-708.
NATA Rating :
Review by : V. Kretschmer
NATA Review

A very interesting study with surprising results which are difficult to interpret. Microchimerism was found in about 50% of trauma patients after
transfusion of packed RBCs (non-leukoreduced). In an additional statement, the conclusion is made that leukodepletion does not have any impact
on the percentage of patients with microchimerism. Chimerism only corresponded
to shorter storage time of the blod units. The conclusion is that trauma patients are less able to eliminate the donor cells than other recipients. The study does not reveal any obvious consequences associated with the chimerism, which was still detectable after two years.

– Volker Kretschmer

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