Influence of heme-based solutions on stress protein expression and organ failure after hemorrhagic shock.

Kubulus D, Rensing H, Paxian M, et al.
Crit Care Med 2005;33(3):629-637.
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Review by : P. Van der Linden
NATA Review

This experimental study investigated the effects of oxygen-carrying and non-oxygen-carrying heme solutions on the induction of the protective enzyme heme oxygenase (HO)-1 in a rat model of hemorrhagic shock (fixed pressure). (HO)-1 induction appears to be of particular importance for hepatocellular integrity and function after ischemia and reperfusion. The authors demonstrated that pre-treatment with the different solutions induce (HO)-1 protein but that only the non-oxygen-carrying solution “hemin arginate” prevented organ failure and decreased mortality after shock and reperfusion. Although the underlying mechanism remains not completely understood, the present results may indicate a possible role of this particular non-oxygen-carrying heme solution for pharmacologic preconditioning.

– Philippe Van der Linden

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