Proof-of-concept trial to evaluate haemoglobin based oxygen therapeutics in elective percutaneous coronary revascularisation. Rationale, protocol design and haemodynamic results.

Meliga E, Vranckx P, Regar E, Kint PP, Duncker DJ, Serruys PW
EuroIntervention 2008;4(1):99-107.
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Review by : M. Intaglietta
NATA Review

The authors’ findings corroborate experimental evidence showing that HBOC-201 carries/delivers oxygen. Lack of vasoconstriction typical of this oxygen carrier may be due to the compensatory vasodilatation associated with profound tissue ischemia, established in approximately 13 seconds after cessation of blood flow. Pre-oxygenated HBOC-201 improved global oxygen delivery and allowed the preservation of myocardial function.

– Marcos Intaglietta

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