Effect of recombinant factor VIIa as an adjunctive therapy in damage control for wartime vascular injuries: a case control study.

Fox CJ, Mehta SG, Cox ED, Kragh JF, Jr., Salinas J, Holcomb JB
J Trauma 2009;66(4 Suppl):S112-119.
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Review by : J.-F. Hardy
NATA Review

Case control studies are interesting but cannot replace randomized controlled trials. As mentioned by the authors, the overall impact of rFVIIa on long-term outcomes such as mortality and limb salvage remains to be determined. rFVIIa is a potent hemostatic drug that has been associated with serious thromboembolic events. Its efficacy and safety in the context of vascular injuries will require further validation.

– Jean-Franois Hardy

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