Hemostatic and electrolyte effects of hydroxyethyl starches in patients undergoing posterior lumbar interbody fusion using pedicle screws and cages.

Choi SJ, Ahn HJ, Chung SS, et al.
Spine (Phila Pa 1976) 2010; Jan 12 [Epub ahead of print].
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Review by : S. Kozek-Langenecker
NATA Review

Confirming previous studies, dilutional coagulopathy was more pronounced after 15 ml/kg slowly degradable HES (Hextend) vs. rapidly degradable HES (Voluven) and postoperative transfusion rate at a high hematocrit trigger was higher after Hextend. Future studies should implement a functional fibrinogen assay (e.g. FIBTEM) and individualize the dose of fluid therapy.

– Sybille Kozek-Langenecker

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