Platelet transfusion can be related to liver regeneration after living donor liver transplantation.

This interesting but retrospective study supports the hypothesis that platelet transfusion plays a significant and positive role in liver regeneration after living donor liver transplantation. The authors relate this effect to a possible role of biological mediators of tissue regeneration released by transfused platelets and conclude that, in consideration of conflicting data in the literature, […]

To continue or discontinue aspirin in the perioperative period: a randomized, controlled clinical trial.

This randomized double-blind study compared perioperative maintenance with the preoperative withdrawal of aspirin 7 days before non-cardiac surgery in high-risk patients. Aspirin maintenance allows a 80% decrease in the relative risk for major adverse cardiac events, without increasing bleeding complications. This study is probably underpowered because only 220 patients were included; however it confirms for […]

Survival and length of stay following blood transfusion in octogenarians following cardiac surgery.

Veenith and colleagues from Cambridge, UK, describe perioperative risk factors for all-cause mortality (primary outcome), length of stay in intensive care unit and total hospital stay (secondary outcomes) in 874 patients 80 years of age or older undergoing cardiac surgery. After controlling for baseline patient characteristics and intraoperative factors, transfusion of greater than 2 units […]