This is the first quantitative experimental proof of the concept of targeted oxygen delivery to ischemic tissue by polymerized bovine hemoglobin (Hb). This Hb solution is commercially available, but clinically used exclusively in South Africa. Nevertheless, novel data have been provided by applying PBH 4 versus PBH 13 (4 vs. 13 g/dL Oxyglobin [Biopure Corp.]) to partially ischemic striated muscle in the window chamber model of anemic (hemodilution) hamsters, based on measurement of tissue PO2, arteriolar 02 supply and oxygen extraction. PBH 4 improved functional capillary density (FCD) and tissue oxygenation significantly better than PBH 13, suggesting the existence of an optimal concentration of low 02 affinity Hb in plasma to reoxyenate ischemic tissue in anemic conditions.

– Konrad Messmer