Blood product transfusion: does location make a difference?

Palmieri TL, Sen S, Falwell K, Greenhalgh DG
NATA Rating :
Review by : M. Piagnerelli
NATA Review

This retrospective study showed a significantly higher mortality in burns children who received more total units of FFP during hospitalization (especially during their ICU stay and not for the surgical procedure). The overall FFP:PRBC transfusion ratio in survivors was 1:4, compared to a ratio of 3:4 in non-survivors. The major problem with this study is its severe limitations. Indeed, groups were not really comparable: the number of patients included (128 survivors compared to only 15 non survivors); the total TBSA was significantly higher in non-survivors (62.1 4.6 vs. 42.0 1.5%) with a greater percentage of inhalation injury in the non-survivor group. For all of these reasons, this study does not have a real impact for clinical practice.

– Michael Piagnerelli

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