Prospective randomized evaluation of the need for blood transfusion during primary total hip arthroplasty with use of a bipolar sealer.

Barsoum WK, Klika AK, Murray TG, Higuera C, Lee HH, Krebs VE

J Bone Joint Surg Am 2011;93(6):513-518.

NATA Rating :
Review by : E. Bisbe
NATA Review

This prospective randomized study tested the hemostatic efficacy of a bipolar sealer used during total hip arthroplasty in to determine whether its use results in significantly lower transfusion requirements. In this well-conducted clinical trial that enrolled 140 patients, the device resulted in no significant reductions in overall blood losses and no significant differences were found in the need for blood transfusions. Thus, the authors do not recommend this device for uncomplicated primary total hip replacement patients.

– Elvira Bisbe

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