A randomized control trial to verify the efficacy of pre-operative intra venous tranexamic acid in the control of tonsillectomy bleeding.

George A, Kumar R, Kumar S, Shetty S
Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2011;63:20-26.
NATA Rating :
Review by : S. Kozek-Langenecker
NATA Review

This prospective, randomized, controlled, double-blind study compared blood losses in patients with and without a preoperative intravenous dose of 10 mg/kg tranexamic acid. Although significant, the intraoperative difference in blood loss of 29 mL is small. In addition, the study suffers from some limitations: medications affecting hemostasis and postoperative bleeding episodes are not reported and the inclusion of 100 patients does not permit the assessment of safety issues.

– Sibylle Kozek-Langenecker

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