This Cochrane review provides an overview about pathogen-reduced platelets for the prevention of bleeding in thrombocytopenic patients. To avoid transfusion-transmitted infections pathogen reduction has been implemented for plasma and platelet products. In the present Cochrane review, the impact of pathogen-reduced platelets on the effectiveness to prevent bleeding in patients requiring platelet transfusions was analyzed.

Ten trials were included comparing pathogen-reduced platelets with standard platelets. Nine trials assessed Amotosalen plus UV-A pathogen-reduced platelets and one trial vitamin B plus UV-A pathogen-reduced platelets. Primary outcomes were mortality and bleeding. Meta-analysis of data from five trials of multiple platelet transfusion found an increase in ‘any bleeding’ in patients receiving pathogen-reduced platelets. No evidence of a difference in mortality, ‘clinically significant’ or ‘severe bleeding’, transfusion reactions or adverse events was found between pathogen-reduced and standard platelets.

– Rainer Moog