Ranking the effectiveness of autologous blood conservation measures through validated modeling of independent clinical data.

Singbartl G, Held AL, Singbartl K
Transfusion 2013;53:3060-3079.
NATA Rating :
Review by : E. Hansen
NATA Review

Based on available clinical studies, efficacy (maximal tolerable blood loss) and effectiveness (gain in RBC mass) were calculated in a mathematical model for acute normovolemic hemodilution (ANH), intraoperative blood salvage (IBS), and preoperative autologous deposit (PAD). ANH showed no blood-saving capacity. PAD was sufficient under certain circumstances, namely when erythropoiesis is adequate, and time intervals and donated volume appropriate. Cell salvage proved most efficacious and effective.

This is a well-conducted, important study to underline the major role of cell salvage in blood management.

– Ernil Hansen

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