Effects of pathogen reduction systems on platelet microRNAs, mRNAs, activation, and function.

Osman A, Hitzler WE, Meyer CU, et al.
Platelets 2014; Apr 21 [Epub ahead of print].
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Review by : R. Moog
NATA Review

Pathogen reduction (PR) of blood components improves the safety of modern haemotherapy. However, clinical studies have shown a loss of a portion of the PR-treated platelets resulting in an increased bleeding risk.

In the present study, PR-treated platelets and platelets stored in plasma were monitored for microRNAs and function over a storage time of five days. Platelets treated with amotosalen + UVA light exhibited significantly reduced levels of 6 of the 11 microRNAs studied compared with control platelets. Riboflavin + UVB light-treated platelets did not produce these effects. The reduction of microRNAs induced by amotosalen + UVA light correlated with platelet activation and impaired platelet aggregation.

The results of the study might be an explanation for the increased bleeding risk observed with amotosalen + UVA-treated platelets.

– Rainer Moog

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