In this multicentre randomised controlled trial, the authors investigated the effect of intravenous iron sucrose administration (100 mg thrice weekly for up two weeks) on functional iron deficiency, iron-deficient erythropoiesis, anaemia, red blood cell transfusion requirements and the risk of infection in anaemic critically ill trauma patients. A total of 151 patients were randomised; 75 received iron sucrose and 76 placebo.

Intravenous iron administration did not impact any of the above-mentioned outcome measures. As a consequence, the authors conclude that iron administration anaemic critically ill trauma patients cannot be recommended.

This study was well conducted, with the sample size calculated according to the primary objectives, and it clearly documents that 300 mg of iron administered weekly does not influence haemoglobin levels nor transfusion requirements. Whether higher dosages may impact the endpoints investigated by the authors remains to be investigated.

– Santiago Ramón Leal-Noval

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