Title webinar: PBM in paediatrics
21 March, 2024
NATA Webinar: How to treat bleeding: Plasma or Coagulation Factors
Speakers: Eva Wittenmeier & Susan Goobie

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Description webinar:

PBM in Paediatrics

Practical Aspects of Blood Conservation in Perioperative Paediatric Patients


How to Transfuse Paediatric Patients

Eva Wittenmeier – University Medical Centre of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz - Germany

Learning Objectives:

Introduction to the three categories of preventable errors in paediatric transfusion

How to avoid product mismatch, handling errors and under/overtransfusion when transfusing RBCs in paediatric patients

Checklist for the transfusion of RBCs in paediatric patients


How Not to Transfuse Paediatric Patients

Susan Goobie – Harvard Medical School - USA

Learning Objectives:

Outline practical and unique aspects of PBM in the paediatric patient

Discuss guidelines and evidence based blood conservation strategies