Call for candidates for NATA Board of Directors

The Call for Candidates for the 2022-2025 NATA Board of Directors is open. We are searching for the next round of leaders to help guide the Society into the future.

The NATA Board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of professionals from the life sciences and technology space who share a common goal of ensuring that NATA members and our wide community receive high standard in education, collaboration and professional development opportunities.

Why serve

The NATA Board of Directors is seeking up to five new candidates to each serve a two- and half-year term beginning immediately to April 2025.

This is a rewarding opportunity to become involved with the Society, help shape its strategic goals, make an impact on the future direction of NATA educational content and networking opportunities, as well as build key leadership skills while serving the PBM, Haemostasis and thrombosis community.

The Board of Directors holds all powers of management and administration of NATA. The mandate of a director is exercised free of charge.

The new directors will be elected by the current BOD.  Members of the Board of Directors are automatically also Members of the NATA Scientific Committee.

The 2022-2025 Board of Directors is presided over by Prof Jens Meier. The 2022-2025 Scientific Committee is chaired by Prof Sigismond Lasoski. The 2022-2025 Treasurer will be elected by the new Board of Directors. The Chairperson, Chair of the Scientific Committee and Treasurer form the NATA Executive Committee.


Candidates will be nominated by effective and adherent members of NATA. The nomination shall be made by means of a letter addressed to the NATA Chairperson, Prof Jens Meier –


Conditions of participation

  • Candidates must be NATA Members in good standing

They are expected to

  • have a proven track record in their field
  • have published in this area.

Terms of Office

  • October 2022 – April 2025 or the last day of the 2025 NATA Annual Symposium

Responsibility and commitment

The Board of Directors meets at least 4 times a year, 3 virtual meetings and 1 in-person meeting the afternoon before the first day of the Annual NATA Symposium. Extra virtual meetings will be scheduled if necessary.

Candidates agree to commit to

  • serve the full term of office
  • attend all Board of Director Meetings
  • attend the entire Annual NATA Symposium (a lump sum will be provided towards travel and accommodation)


Candidates will provide

  • a brief written statement (max. 500 words) explaining their motivation
  • a list of publications
  • a list of conflicts of interest

The candidature will be put forward by a NATA member in good standing.  If requested candidates must be ready to attend a short interview with current Board Members in the second half of October 2022.


10 October 2022 – 23:59 CET