Congress Information

Dates & venue

The 21st Annual Symposium on Patient Blood Management, Haemostasis and Thrombosis will take place on April 16-17, 2021 at the Megaron Conference Centre in Athens, Greece.

Scientific Programme

In line with NATA’s mission statement, the scientific programme covers a wide range of topics related to anaemia, patient blood management (PBM), critical bleeding and thrombosis. This year, the scientific committee has selected the following topics for plenary sessions:

  • Patient Blood Management and Personalised Transfusion Strategies
  • Iron Therapy – What Are the Options?
  • Patient Blood Management – What I Have to Know as A Trainee
  • Patient Blood Management in Women’s Health
  • Safety of Blood and Blood Products
  • Treatment of Coagulopathy
  • Best Posters – Presentations and Awards
  • Patient Blood Management – A Political Issue?
  • Cell Salvage – Outdated or Up to Date?
  • SABM Session – A Practical Approach to Patient Blood Management
  • Patient Blood Management in the ICU
  • The Latest Evidence