Monofer – A New Therapeutic Option for Iron-Deficiency Anemia


Monofer – A New Therapeutic Option for Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Monofer® (iron isomaltoside 1000) is an innovative intravenous iron preparation that allows high-dose iron treatment for patients with iron-deficiency anemia. With Monofer, many of your patients can be treated with high-dose iron in just one visit.

Monofer is indicated for the treatment of iron-deficiency anemia when oral iron preparations are ineffective or cannot be used, or when there is a clinical need to deliver iron rapidly (for more information, see the Summary of Product Characteristics).

Please visit our website ( to learn more about Monofer, the advantages of high-dose iron, and try the iron calculator to optimize patient outcome. You can also download the iron dosing calculator here, from the App Store or from Android Market.

You can also read some of the recent publications on Monofer, and order them free of charge at Monofer Publications.

Useful patient information can be downloaded here.

The ongoing clinical development program for Monofer is comprehensive and designed to further strengthen the clinical documentation and broader use of Monofer. Please visit to review the full clinical program on Monofer.

Monofer is commercialized by Pharmacosmos and Pharmacosmos partner companies across the world. To find your partner of choice in your local market, please click here.

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