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Published: Sep 2019

Association of early, high plasma-to-red blood cell transfusion ratio with mortality in adults with severe bleeding after trauma.
Roquet F, Neuschwander A, Hamada S, et al.
JAMA Netw Open 2019;2:e1912076.
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A. P. J. Vlaar


Roquet et al. report the results of a large retrospective trauma registry study on optimal FFP to RBC transfusion ratios. As stated by the authors themselves, these retrospective studies suffer from survivor bias (patients that do not survive the initial resuscitation just have no time to receive plasma and end up with a low FFP to RBC ratio), which has been identified previously.

Correction of this bias mitigates the previously reported positive effects of high FFP to RBC ratio in trauma care. Hence, this study has limited value and the only randomised trial in this field was negative for the primary endpoint.

– Alexander P. J. Vlaar