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Published: Nov 2019

Association of donor age, body mass index, hemoglobin, and smoking status with in-hospital mortality and length of stay among red blood cell-transfused recipients.
Roubinian NH, Westlake M, St Lezin EM, et al.
Transfusion 2019;59:3362-3370.
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J. M. Cholette


The authors analysed data from a retrospective cohort of transfused patients from the Recipient Epidemiology and Donor Evaluation Study-III (REDS-III) using stratified Cox regression models to estimate associations between blood donor characteristics (age, body mass index, haemoglobin, smoking status), hospital mortality and post-transfusion length of stay (LOS).

Statistical analyses were adjusted for recipient factors, including total number of transfusions. A total of 93 726 patients receiving 428 461 RBC units were analysed. There were no associations between blood donor characteristics and hospital mortality. Receipt of RBC units from donors <20 years of age was associated with a shorter hospital LOS (P < 0.001) whereas no assocition was observed between LOS other donor characteristics. No associations between blood donor factors and in-hospital mortality was found. The shorter hospital LOS in patients transfused RBCs from younger donors requires confirmation.

– Jill M. Cholette (SABM reviewer)