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Published: Oct 2019

Fresh frozen plasma versus crystalloid priming of cardiopulmonary bypass circuit in pediatric surgery: a randomized clinical trial.
Dieu A, Rosal Martins M, Eeckhoudt S, et al.
Anesthesiology 2019; Oct 23 [Epub ahead of print].
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E. Adams


Paediatric patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass for cardiac surgery have historically had their bypass circuits primed with fresh frozen plasma (FFP). The intention has been to decrease perioperative bleeding and subsequent transfusions. Studies looking at both plasma-primed circuits and crystalloid-primed circuits have yielded conflicting results.

This is the first double-blind randomised controlled trial looking at bleeding risk in patients whose circuits were primed with crystalloid versus FFP. The study found that there was no difference in postoperative bleeding or the number of transfused blood products between the FFP group and the crystalloid group.

This data suggests that for this specific patient population the cardiopulmonary bypass circuit can be primed with crystalloid, thus avoiding exposure to FFP.

– Eloa Adams (SABM reviewer)