NATA Textbook (1st Edition, 2000)

Transfusion Medicine and Alternatives to Blood Transfusion

Table of Contents

1 - History and Development of Transfusion Medicine

Zauder HL, Stehling L

2 - Brief History of Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

Spence RK

3 - Allogeneic Blood Usage - Cellular Components and Clotting Factors - Risks Benefits

a - Development of Blood Homologous Components in 2000

Rouger P

b - Immunological Complications of Transfusion

Taylor C, Contreras M

c - The Benefits of Allogeneic Erythrocyte Transfusions: What Evidence Do We Have?

Hardy JF, Blisle S

d - Current Information on Risks of Allogeneic Blood Transfusion

Lefvre P, Poullin P

e - Immunomodulation and Allogeneic Transfusion

Blumberg N, Heal JM, Triulzi DJ

f - RBC Filtration and Allogeneic Blood Transfusion
Carson JL, Sweeney JD

4 - Plasma, Albumin and Synthetic Colloids

a - Plasma and Albumin

Baele P

b - Synthetic Colloids

1 - Crystalloids versus Colloids: The Controversy

Haljame H

2 - Pharmacology of Crystalloids and Colloids

Baron JF

3 - Adverse Effects of Synthetic Colloids on Coagulation

Grauer MT, Woessmer R, Haass A, Treib J

4 - Adverse Effects of Colloids on Renal Function

Baron JF

5 - Choice of a Synthetic Colloid for Surgery

Boldt J

6 - Choice of a Colloid for Intensive Care Patients

Guidet B

7 - Hypertonic Saline Solutions for the Initial Treatment of Patients with Traumatic Injuries

Wade CE, Kramer G

5 - Transfusion Triggers

a - Role of Hemoglobin/Hematocrit

Guleserian KJ, Greenburg GA

b - Calculation of Blood Loss

Brecher ME

c - Assessment of the Coagulation in the Perioperative Setting

Samama M

6 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Transfusion Medecine

a - Ethical Aspects of Informed Consent: American Models

Parizeau MH

b - Blood Transfusions, Jehovahs Witnesses and the American Patients Rights Movement

Baron CH

c - Evolving Laws and Regulations on Transfusion

de Guillenchmidt M, Garay A

7 - Alternatives to Allogeneic Blood Transfusion
a - Pharmaceuticals

1 - Prevention of Iron Deficiency in Surgical Patient

Briges KR
2 - Recombinant Factors
1 - Recombinant Human Erythropoietin

1 - Postoperative Anaemia

van Iperen H

2 - Current Status of Perisurgical Erythropoietin Therapy

Goodnough LT

3 - Erythropoietin and Iron in Anemia of Prematurity

Messer J, Escande B, Matis J

4 - Erythropoietin and Iron Therapy in Patients with Renal Failure

Miles AM

5 - Erythropoietin and Oncology

Henry DH, Spivak J

6 - Erythropoietin and the Anemia of Chronic Inflamation

Bridges K

2 - Others-G-CSF, GM-CSF and Interleukins

Oki M, Yonekura S

3 - Antifibrinolytics in Open-Heart Surgery

Dietrich W

4 - Oxygen Carriers

1 - Hemoglobin-based Solutions

Deby-Dupont G, Lamy M, Remy B

2 - Perfluorocarbon Emulsions

Spahn DR

b - Surgical Techniques

1 - Minimally Invasive Surgery: Impact on Blood Loss and Transfusion Need

Campos J, Spence RK

2 - Surgical Techniques to Reduce Blood Loss

Campos J, Rosencrantz D

c - Anesthetic Techniques

1 - Preoperative Autologous Donation

Borghi B

2 - Indication for Erythropoietin Combined with Aulogous Blood Donation

Mercuriali F, Inghilleri G

3 - Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution

1 - Pathophysiology of ANH

Habler O, Messmer K

2 - Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution (ANH) : A Practical Approach

Shander A

4 - Autotransfusion with RBC and Platelet-Rich Plasma: Intraoperative Autotransfusion

Gombotz H, Kulier A

5 - Anesthetic Techniques to Reduce Blood Loss

Soubiron L, Forestier F, Janvier G

6 - Controlled Hypotension Decreases Blood Transfusion Requirement: Fact or Fallacy?

Blanloeil Y, Pinaud M

d - Tolerance of Anemia

1 - Basic Principles of Oxygen Transport and Calculations

Duranteau J

2 - Assessment of Tissue Oxygenation

Van der Linden P, Vincent JL

3 - Tissue Oxygenation and Blood Transfusion

Sielenkmper A, Sibbald W

4 - Anemia and Cardiovascular Disease

Wahr JA

e - Special Setttings

1 - Anemia and Red Cell Transfusion in Critical Care

Hbert P

2 - Anemia in the ICU

Vincent JL, Yalavatti G, Rogiers P

3 - Blood Transfusions and Alternatives in the Neonate

Strauss R

4 - Transfusion Alternatives in Orthopaedic Surgery

Earnshaw P

5 - Transfusion Alternatives for Cardiac Surgery

Rosengart T, Debois W

6 - Transfusion Alternatives in Vascular Surgery

Godet G

7 - Transfusion Alternatives in Obstetrics/Gynecology

Boyd M

8 - Transfusion Alternatives in Trauma

Biffl W, Moore E

9 - Transfusion Alternatives in Pediatric Surgery

Whalen T

8 - Cost Issues

a - Cost Effectiveness of Allogeneic Versus Autologous Blood Use

Blumberg N, Heal J

b - The Cost of Autologous Blood Transfusion. Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution versus Preoperative Autologous Donation

Monk T

c - The Impact of an Intraoperative Autologous Transfusion Service on Operative Blood Use

Shander A, Pearlman S, Spence RK

9 - Establishing a Bloodless Medecine and Surgery Center

Rosencrantz D, Shander A, Ozawa S, Spence RK