Poster Presentation Schedule

THURSDAY – 16:00 – 17:00  TitleCategoryKeywords
1 SandaruwaniAbeysiriA Survey of Iron Deficiency in Onco-Surgical Patients6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementIron Deficiency; Oncology; Surgery
2 AndreiaBaptistaOptimizing Anemia Treatment in the Emergency Department: Insights from a Retrospective Observational Study1. Anaemia managementPatient Blood Management, Emergency Department
3 ChristinaLaxtonFerritin as a marker for iron deficiency anaemia: how reliable is it?1. Anaemia managementHaematinincs, ferritin, transferrin saturation
4 JayneLimPatient-reported outcome measures in randomised controlled trials in iron therapy to treat anaemia: A systematic review of the completeness of reporting.1. Anaemia managementPatient-reported outcome measures, systematic review, anaemia, iron therapy
5 JayneLimTikTok videos on iron deficiency: a cross-sectional content analysis1. Anaemia managementTikTok, iron deficiency, content analysis
6 JayneLimDefining iron deficiency in RCTs: meta-analysis of the treatment effect of IV iron1. Anaemia managementiron deficiency, anaemia, meta-analysis, IV iron
7 VandanaAgarwalPreoperative Anaemia Management in Major Abdominal Cancer Surgery1. Anaemia managementperioperative anaemia, anaemia management, Intravenous Iron, Major abdominal cancer surgery
8 Jean-PierreBou MadiDoctor1. Anaemia managementPatient Blood Management – Anemia Management – Transfusion
9 MelitaBuljanPerioperative anemia treatment in colorectal patient with severe aortal stenosis1. Anaemia managementcolorectal cancer, iron deficiency anemia, aortal stenosis, pPatient Blood Management
10 GabriellaErrigoTREATMENT OF PRE-OPERATIVE ANAEMIA IN GASTROINTESTINAL ONCOLOGICAL SURGERY: THE EXPERIENCE OF VICENZA6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPatient Blood Management ; Anaemia; iron supplementation
11 JoanaGomesImplementing a PBM program in Radical Cystoprostatectomy patients: A Tertiary Hospital Experience1. Anaemia managementAnaemia effects and management; preoperative optimization
12 IvanLisnyy“WAITING LIST” FOR CORRECTION ANEMIA IN CANCER PATIENTS BEFORE THE SURGERY1. Anaemia managementawaiting list, cancer, anemia correction
13 Ki HoonAhnMajor determinants of blood transfusion among women with postpartum hemorrhage: Machine learning analysis using national health insurance data6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementBlood Transfusion; Pregnant Women; Machine Learning
14 BethMacLeanRisk factors for developing iron deficiency anaemia in women of reproductive age: an observational study.1. Anaemia managementIron, anaemia, reproductive health, women
15 EmmaMilserAvoidable transfusions in pregnancy reported to SHOT 2016-20226. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementTransfusion, though generally safe, carries risks. One particular concern to women of childbearing potential is the risk of alloantibody development which can lead to haemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn (HDFN) in subsequent pregnancies. Every effort must be made to avoid inappropriate transfusions during pregnancy. Anaemia in pregnancy is usually due to iron deficiency. Appropriate management of iron deficiency can treat or prevent anaemia and help avoid unnecessary transfusion.
16 InêsRodriguesOptimizing Women’s Health: Patient Blood Management in Elective Hysteroscopy6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementAnemia management; Hysteroscopy; Gynecological population; Ambulatory setting
17 RintoOusephAudit of Perioperative anemia in females undergoing major oncosurgeries at tertiary care cancer centre in India1. Anaemia managementAnemia, iron studies, iron therapy, oncosurgeries
18 BiljanaAndrićUse of recombinant factor VIIa in severe neonatal gastrointestinal bleeding6. Multimodal Patient Blood Managementgastrointestinal bleeding, newborn, rFVIIa
19 RodovanDinicAnalysis of the blood components use in relation to the obtained ROTEM results6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementROTEM, TRAUMA
20 RebeccaJeltuhinCharacterizing the biophysical signature of adult, pediatric, and neonatal platelets5. Thrombosisplatelets, platelet biophysical function, platelet contraction cytometry, spreading area, adhesion density, phosphatidyserine exposure
21 NataliaKozeraThe influence of rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM) based bleeding protocol on massive transfusion rate in major bleeding following trauma4. Coagulation managementrotational thromboelastometry, ROTEM, massive transfusion, trauma
22 SvetislavMatićEVALUATION OF RIVAROXABAN THERAPY RESULTS USING VISCOELASTIC TESTING4. Coagulation managementNOAC, anti Xa, viscoelastic testing
23 LauraPiñeiro FrancoDEATH WAS COMING AND WE COULD NOT SEE IT4. Coagulation managementDIC, massive bleeding, viscoelastic tests, thrombosis.
24 AnaStrugarThe correlation between hemostatic parameters and presepsin and procalcitonin concentration in patient with sepsis caused by SARS-CoV infection5. ThrombosisCovid-19, hemostasis parameters, presepsin, procalcitonin
25 FredyArizaPerceived motivators and challenges for implementing Patient Blood Management among healthcare workers in Latin America: Insights from a web survey.6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPatient blood management; Practice change; Culture change; Implementation.
26 NouhaBen AmaraEvaluating diagnostic-related blood loss in cardiovascular patients6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementBloos loss, Iatrogenic anemias, Cardiovascular patients, Blood conservation
27 NouhaBen AmaraPerception of the patient blood management concept: survey among healthcare professionals6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementBlood transfusion, anemia, patient blood management, knowledge, attitude, qualitative research, healthcare professional
28 StephanieDitchamImproving Clinical Outcomes: The Value of Utilising Pathology Systems to Support Patient Blood Management in the Preoperative Clinical Setting1. Anaemia managementAnaemia Management, Anaemia Pathway, Patient Blood Managment
29 StephanieDitchhamEvidencing Preoperative Anaemia Management in Wales – benchmarking and provision of big data1. Anaemia managementData, Anaemia, Benchmark
30 SílviaDo AmaralPerceptions and preferences related to blood transfusion: insights from a comprehensive study at Centro Hospitalar Baixo Vouga, Aveiro, Portugal1. Anaemia managementPerception, Security, Blood Transfusions
31 PeterFennemaAvoiding transfusion in patients undergoing primary TKA with preoperative anemia6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPatient Blood Management;Total Knee Arthroplasty;Preoperative Anemia;Epoetin Alfa Therapy;Tranexamic Acid; Anemic Chronic Disease
32 Woo YoungJangA Decline in Overutilization of Transfusion after Total Knee Arthroplasty Using Pharmacological Agents for Patient Blood Management in South Korea: An Analysis Based on the Korean National Health Insurance Claims Database from 2008 to 20196. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementBlood transfusion; Iron supplements; Patient blood management; Total knee arthroplasty; Tranexamic acid.
33 Woo YoungJangAllogeneic red blood cell transfusion is an independent risk factor for 1-year mortality in elderly patients undergoing femoral neck fracture surgery: Retrospective study1. Anaemia managementAllogeneic red blood cell transfusion, femoral neck fracture, mortality
34 Hyeon JuShinArtificial intelligence for predicting red blood cell transfusion in elderly patients undergoing hip arthroplasty: Machine learning analysis using national health insurance data6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementBlood Transfusion; Hip Arthroplasty; Machine Learning
36 FadiFarhatInterest of the same™ autotransfusion device to recover erythrocytes and thrombocytes in haemorrhagic cardiac surgery.3. Autologous transfusionFiltration, Thrombocyte, Haemorrhagic cardiac surgery
37 ElisabethGroenewegenThe effect of postoperative intravenous iron in anaemic, older cardiac surgery patients on disability-free survival (AGE ANEMIA study): study protocol and progress for a multi-centre, double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial1. Anaemia managementRandomized controlled trial, Iron deficiency anemia, Cardiac surgery, Elderly patients, Intravenous iron, Disability
38 SerdarGunaydinPreoperative Intravenous Iron and Erythropoietin Therapy for Anemic Patients with Borderline Chronic Renal Disease Undergoing Cardiac Surgery: Evolving Standard of Care or Marginal Gain?1. Anaemia managementAnemia; Iron Deficiency Anemia; Postoperative; Cardiac Surgery; Erythropoietin
39 SerdarGunaydinThe Impact of Postoperative Intravenous Iron Therapy on Improving Clinical Outcomes in Frail Patients Following Cardiac Surgery1. Anaemia managementAnemia; Iron Deficiency Anemia; Postoperative; Cardiac Surgery; Frailty
40 Jae-SeungJungAssociation of perioperative red blood cell transfusion and renal replacement therapy in patients undergoing heart valve surgery3. Autologous transfusionRBC, Transfusion, CRRT, Valve Surgery
41 CatarinaFidalgo AntunesBlood donation/Transfusion ratio – a five year analysis2. Allogeneic blood productsBenevolent donation; Transfusion activity; Blood storage.
42 HuijingHuAre we ready for the creation of algorithms for artificial intelligence in monitoring transfusion appropriateness?1. Anaemia managementappropriateness; transfusion; patient safety; artificial intellingence
43 AuroraEspinosaResults of a national survey on transfusion practice and transfusion knowledge among health professionals in Norway6. Multimodal Patient Blood Managementnational survey transfusion practice knowledge
44 Jose AntonioGarcia ErceCame as a blood donor and ended up being transfused: an example NOT TO DO1. Anaemia management 
45 Kimberly KleinKleinForecasting Red Cells: A Predictive Blood OR Capacity Dashboard Ensures Perioperative Readiness6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPatient Blood management; MSBOS; perioperative readiness; informatics
46 JohnMillwood HargraveThe Epidemiology and Outcomes of Overtransfusion of Blood Products in ‘Code Red’ Trauma Patients.2. Allogeneic blood productsOvertransfusion, Code Red, Trauma
47 InêsRodriguesRevitalizing Patient Care: Insights from a Pioneering Patient Blood Management Postoperative Anesthesiology Consultation6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementAnemia optimization; Postoperative consultation; Anesthesiology appointment; Surgical Patients
48 ManuelQuintana-DiazImplementation of PBM Programs: GESMA Project from Top to Bottom6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementInstitutional PBM Project
49 ChristineSathananthanPerioperative anaemia screening and treatment in patients undergoing major elective surgery1. Anaemia managementAnaemia, iron deficiency anaemia,perioperative anaemia
50 MarthaȘerban-NechitaTransfusion practice 5 years after the rollout of the Romanian National Patient Blood Management Recommendations. Data from a survey by the Romanian Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care6. Multimodal Patient Blood Managementtransfusion, RBC, anaemia, PBM, anaesthesia, blood, cardiac
51 StephanieLittlePromoting Tranexamic Acid (TXA) Consideration in Adult Surgical Patients with Predicted Blood Loss >500ml: Updating the WHO Checklist6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementTranexamic Acid (TXA), Transfusion, World Health Organisation (WHO) Checklist
52 NouhaBen AmaraPreoperative anemia management in surgical departments: monocentric study1. Anaemia managementpreoperative anemia, patient blood management, Blood transfusion, surgery
FRIDAY – 10:00 – 11:00    
53 SandaruwaniAbeysiriEco-Iron’: Saving on Wastage1. Anaemia managementIron deficiency; Anaemia; Iron Infusion; Intravenous Iron
54 MëvaCAMPFORTImpact of iron deficiency and its correction during Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia in mice1. Anaemia managementiron deficiency, immune functions
55 CoryDuganThe IRONWOMAN Trial: The effect of intravenous iron therapy on exercise performance, fatigue scores, and mood states in iron deficient recreationally active females of reproductive age: A double blind, randomised control trial1. Anaemia managementWomen’s health, anaemia management, iron deficiency, fatigue,
56 JessicaFullerWhat is ‘normal’ Iron Metabolism in Response to Inflammation in Ultramarathon Runners1. Anaemia managementAnaemia, Iron Deficiency, Inflammation, Iron Status, Iron Metabolism, Exercise, Ultramarathon
57 JessicaFullerIntravenous Iron Leads to Lower Rates of Anaemia in Australia1. Anaemia managementAnaemia, Iron Deficiency, Women, Screening, Intravenous Iron, Heavy menstrual bleeding
58 AnriGerberIroning out the iron profile in heart failure patients: A single centre, outpatient-based cross-sectional study in South Africa1. Anaemia managementIron deficiency, anaemia, heart failure
59 DonghoChoiAdvancements in Patient Blood Management: Trends and Determinants of RBC Transfusion in Korean Liver Surgery (2012-2020)6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPatient blood management, Liver surgery
60 Shun YinKongTransforming patient blood management into culture and practice in New Territories West Cluster (NTWC), Hong Kong6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPBM
61 AidaDjozoIS IT TIME FOR EVALUATION OF THE CURRENT BLOOD TRANSFUSION PRACTICE?2. Allogeneic blood productsEvaluation, Transfusion Demands, Transfusion Practice
62 InocenciaFornetPBM program 2014-2022 at the Puerta de Hierro University Hospital, Majadahonda. Madrid. Spain6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPBM program
63 JoanneGregoryMultimodal Patient Blood Management: A Strategy for Wales6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPatient Blood Management, intraoperative cell salvage, anaemia management, tranexamic acid
64 JoanneGregoryOvercoming Barriers and Challenges to Pathway Implementation1. Anaemia managementAnaemia, Pathway, Data, Dashboard, Standardised, National
65 SumaChoorapoikayilThe preoperative anaemia prevalence in major surgical patients – a prospective, international, multicentre, observational study (ALICE)1. Anaemia managementglobal anaemia prevalence and global cause of anaemia
66 ChantalDormidoMarsden’s Virtual Anaemia Triage (VAT) Enhancing The Power of AI and Automation1. Anaemia managementINTRAVENOUS IRON, ANAEMIA DIAGNOSIS, SERVICE IMPLEMENTATION, ARTIFICIAL INTELIIGENCE (AI)
67 DianaLeãoPatient blood management (PBM) protocol implementation. A district hospital experience6. Multimodal Patient Blood Managementanaemia, patient blood management, intravenous iron
68 DianaLeãoImplementation of the PBM protocol for patients after gastric surgery. A district hospital experience.6. Multimodal Patient Blood Managementpatient blood management, anaemia, gastric surgery
70 Sílviado AmaralUnderstanding Anemia Literacy: Insights from a comprehensive study at Centro Hospitalar Baixo Vouga, Aveiro, Portugal1. Anaemia managementAnemia, literacy
71 Ma. HarrietteApostolRed Cell Transfusion Practices of Physicians: A One Year Restrospective Cohort Study in a Private Hospital1. Anaemia managementblood utilization; crossmatch to transfusion ratio; red cell transfusion practices
72 NouhaBen AmaraRespiratory complications tied to blood transfusion: exploration of epidemiological and clinical dimensions2. Allogeneic blood productsBlood Transfusion; Respiratory complications, TACO, TRALI
73 YongilChoImpact of blood transfusion on mortality in patients with septic shock with anemia according to lactate levels6. Multimodal Patient Blood Managementseptic shock, lactate, transfusion, red blood cell, mortality
74 NicoleMatternPerioperative transfusion-related immunomodulation: study protocol for a prospective clinical study analyzing immune cell phenotype and function2. Allogeneic blood productsRBC transfusion, transfusion-related immunomodulation (TRIM)
75 EmmaMilserTransfusing Wisely – Avoidable platelet transfusions reported to SHOT 2017 – 20226. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementAvoidable, platelet, transfusion
76 Woo YoungJangExplainable model using Shapley additive explanations approach on wound infection after wide soft tissue sarcoma resection: “big data” analysis based on Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service Hub6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementSHAP, Explainable AI, big data, soft tissue sarcoma, perioperative transfusion
77 MajaSirovicaPlatelet transfusion practice in patients undergoing liver transplantation at a University Hospital Centre2. Allogeneic blood productsplatelet transfusion, end-stage liver disease, liver transplantation
78 SigismondLasockiChanges in Practices after Implementation of a Patient Blood Management Program in French Surgical Departments: The National Multicenter Observational PERIOPES Study.6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPatient blood management; Blood transfusion; Anemia; Iron deficiency; Blood loss; Surgical patients
79 SigismondLasockiImplementation of a Patient Blood Management Program in a French Department of Traumatology6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPatient blood management; Blood transfusion; Anemia; Iron deficiency; Blood loss; Surgical patients.
80 AlessandraMarinucciImplementation of the Patient Blood Management (PBM) with Active Involvement of the Nursing Team at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital in Rome6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPatient Blood Management; Bloodless Coordinator; PBM Nurse
81 LauraLombardiPatient Blood Management in oncology patients undergoing surgery: one year experience1. Anaemia managementPatient Blood Management; Oncology Patients; Surgery; Intravenous iron therapy
82 JorgeMartinez Marcos“Patient Blood Management Program in Portugal- Indicators in 3 pillars”6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPATIENT BLOOD MANAGEMENT, PROTOCOL, INDICATORS
83 NishaNinanA retrospective observational study to evaluate the blood transfusion practices in paediatric surgeries at a tertiary care cancer institute in India2. Allogeneic blood productsPediatric oncosurgeries, transfusion trigger, overtransfusion
84 Jae-myeongLeeHematic Auto Management and Extraction for a-Line – “LABLine”1. Anaemia managementintensive care unit, arterial line, blood sampling, anemia, distraction
85 LauraPons PellicéEarly prehospital care: a crucial strategy to prevent hyperfibrinolysis and traumatic cardiac arrest4. Coagulation managementHYPERFIBRINOLYSIS, TRAUMATIC CARDIAC ARREST, DAMAGE CONTROL RESUSCITATION
86 AnjaPotnikHow the massive transfusion protocol in General Hospital Celje was introduced6. Multimodal Patient Blood Managementbleeding, massive transfusion, massive transfusion protocol
87 ElenaOstrovskayaLow-titer О whole blood for the correction of acute massive bleeding: donor resource management and blood banking technology assessment2. Allogeneic blood productswhole blood, transfusion, safety, LTOWB
89 MajedRefaaiThromboelastography in Patients with Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage4. Coagulation managementthromboelastography, aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage, delayed cerebral ischemia
90 MirinaMilosevic AsonjaHAEMOGLOBIN AND HEMATOCRIT LEVELS BEFORE AND AFTER CARDIAC SURGERY IN RELATION TO ADMINISTRED ERYTROCITE TRANSFUSIONS6. Multimodal Patient Blood Managementtransfusion,cardiac surgery, haemoglobin level
91 DianaLeãoJeovah’s Witnesses – How to manage bleeding6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementJeovah’s Witnesses, bleeding, blood transfusion, recombinant activated factor VII, PBM
92 Anupama BaruaNanjaiahAutologous blood transfusion minimises blood and blood product usage in complex aortic surgery: analysis from a prospective data base3. Autologous transfusionAortic surgery, Reduced transfusion
93 RubenSanchez MartinClinical evaluation Quantra Qplus system during mayor cardiac surgery compared with hemostasic classic test. Evaluation of clinical correlation and agreement of Quantra Qplus system as “point of care” during mayor cardiac surgery.4. Coagulation managementbleeding, cardiac surgery, ROTEM, Quantra, hemostasia, coagulation
94 Mihaela-Oana-AlexandraStoicaAlternative antiplatelet strategies to reduce bleeding risk of nondeferrable procedures in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients.6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementDAPT, antiaggregant, antiplatelet, bleeding, thrombosis
96 BathandwaNtantisoAnaemia in General Medical Inpatients in Bloemfontein, South Africa: A Significant Public Health Concern1. Anaemia managementAnaemia, Appropriate blood transfusion, Haemoglobin, Iron deficiency, non-anaemic iron deficiency, patient blood management
97 FilipaPiresInhibitors check – a rare cause of hemolytic anemia1. Anaemia managementInhibitor check, Nivolumab, Autoimmune hemolytic anemia
98 LodewijkSelsNew group of anaemic patients we had (not) expected: what PBM can disclose6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPBM anemia Gastric Bypass
99 BethMacLeanA double-blind randomised controlled trial for peri-operative administration of intravenous iron to treat anaemia in patients undergoing major vascular surgery.1. Anaemia managementIron, anaemia, surgery
100 CarolinaNobileIron carboxymaltose and iron isomaltoside: tailored therapy for the patient1. Anaemia managementIron Therapy
101 EmanuelePerottiNew oral iron supplementation as therapeutic option for post-operative Patient Blood Management: results from a case series1. Anaemia managementiron deficiency anemia (IDA); post-operative Patient Blood Management (PBM); Ferric Sodium EDTA; iron supplementation.
101bis JudieJooIron therapy after surgery – is this the better option? a Systematic review and meta-analysis.1. Anaemia managementSystematic review, Postoperative iron therapy, Oral iron, Intravenous iron, Hemoglobin, Efficacy, Patient-centered outcomes
103 José AntonioGarcía-ErcePATIENT BLOOD MANAGEMENT (PBM) ANALYTICS, A USEFUL TOOL IN PROGRESSIVE EVOLUTION1. Anaemia managementLaboratory; PBM profile; Anemia; Incidence
104 José AntonioGarcía-ErcePATIENT BLOOD MANAGEMENT (PBM) PROGRAM: EVOLUTION OF TRANSFUSION OF THE THREE BLOOD COMPONENTS.2. Allogeneic blood productsPatient Blood Management; optimal use; blood components; single unit trasfusion
105 Norasrina BintiIshakStewardship of Patient Blood Management at Shah Alam Hospital Malaysia.6. Multimodal Patient Blood Managementpatient blood management
106 RafaelaNoversaA Year in Review: Intra and Postoperative Insights from the Implementation of Patient Blood Management6. Multimodal Patient Blood Management: Blood Product Utilization; Pre-discharge Optimization; Intraoperative Assessment; Postoperative Analysis; Surgical Patients
107 RafaelaNoversaEnhancing Preoperative Patient Outcomes: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Patient Blood Management Program’s Inaugural Year6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPreoperative anemia; Hemoglobin Optimization; Multidisciplinary Management; Surgical Patients
Friday 15:30 – 16:30
108 SílviaDo AmaralPatient perspectives on patiente blood Management: Insights from a comprehensive study at Centro Hospitalar Baixo Vouga, Aveiro, Portugal6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPatient blood management, Anemia, Transfusion
109 HenriqueCoelhoMassive cost reduction in cardiothoracic services with preoperative anemia management6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPatient Blood Management, cardiac surgery, anemia, iron supplementation, erythropoietin.
110 KennethMacphersonInternational preoperative anaemia management: a prospective audit of 5050 patients undergoing major abdominal surgery over 13 countries1. Anaemia managementperioperative, patient blood management, anaemia
111 MatthiasNoitzCentral/mixed venous oxygen saturation and lactate levels might be of limited use as physiologic transfusion triggers in cardiac surgery: Results of a retrospective analysis6. Multimodal Patient Blood ManagementPHYSIOLOGIC TRANSFUSION TRIGGERS; RED BLOOD CELL TRANSFUSION
112 FlorianRumpfEvaluating the Efficacy of an Anemia Walk-in Clinic in Mitigating Iron Deficiency in Pregnancy1. Anaemia managementpregnancy, iron deficiency, iron substitution, anemia prevention
113 Mary-ClaireSimmonsEffect of preoperative anemia and transfusion on long-term cancer outcomes in pediatric sarcoma resection patients.Transfusion practiceAnemia, Blood Transfusion, Ewing Sarcoma, Osteosarcoma, Surgery, Pediatric Anesthesia
114 MarineLaplancheNon-invasive measure of hemoglobin using the Rad-67™ pulse co-oxymeter in post-operative care unit to predict postoperative day 1 hemoglobin after major orthopedic surgery, a prospective cohort study.1. Anaemia managementAnemia, Hemoglobin, Patient blood management, SpHb