Grouzi, Elisavet


Elisavet Grοuzi – MD, PhD
Transfusion Service and Clinical Hemostasis,
Saint Savvas Oncology Hospital,
Athens, Greece.

Dr Grοuzi is Head of Transfusion Service and Clinical Hemostasis at Saint Savvas Oncology Hospital, Athens, Greece. Dr Grοuzi received her medical degree from the Medical School of National and Capodistrian University, Athens, Greece. She specialised in haematology at the University Hospital of Patras, where she achieved her PhD. Dr Grοuzi continued her work as Consultant Haematologist for nine years at the Transfusion Service of KAT General Hospital, Athens, Greece, having an active role in the organisation of the Hematology and Anticoagulation Outpatient Clinic. Afterwards Dr Grοuzi joined, and had an active role in, the constitution of the Hematology Laboratory-Transfusion Service of ATTIKON University Hospital, including the Thrombophilia and Anticoagulation Clinic. She was also a clinical fellow at the Haematology Department of the King’s College Hospital of London in haemostasis, transfusion medicine and haematology of pregnancy. Since 2012, she has been the Director of Transfusion Service at Saint Savvas Oncology Hospital in Athens and is responsible for the Outpatient Clinic of Hemostasis Disorders.

Dr Grοuzi is President of the current Board of Directors of the Foundation of the Hellenic Society of Haematology (HSH). Dr Grοuzi is Head of Studies at the Blood Transfusion Academy of HSH and a member of the Working Parties of Transfusion Medicine-Apheresis and Haemostasis of the HSH. She has participated in and organised scientific committees at numerous haematological conferences and seminars. She is author or co-author of many book chapters and has published articles in distinguished medical journals. Dr Grοuzi has given numerous lectures and scientific presentations at Greek and international congresses. She has been member of several committees of the Ministry of Health and the National Blood Centre (ΕΚEΑ), among which is the current Board of Directors of EKEA and member of the Advisory Board of Coordinating Haemovigilance Centre (SKAE) of Greece.

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