Simioni, Paolo


Prof. Paolo Simioni is Full Professor of Internal Medicine at Padua University Medical School and Director of the General Internal Medicine Unit and Thrombotic, Hemorrhagic, and Coagulation Diseases Units and Hemophilia Centre at Padua University Hospital. He oversees the Veneto Regional Centre for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hemophilia, thrombophilia, and complex coagulation disorders which follows more than 5,000 patients with inherited thrombotic and hemorrhagic disorders.

Prof. Simioni has authored over 600 publications, with 404 of these present in PubMed dealing with thrombosis and hemostasis. His main research areas at present include the identification and molecular and biochemical study of congenital defects of coagulation in patients from families with thrombotic and hemorrhagic diathesis, the development of laboratory tests for the screening of patients with thrombophilia and hemophilias: tests of thrombin-generation, the study of microvescicles and nucleosomes, gene therapy for the treatment of hemorrhagic and thrombotic coagulopathy.. He has discovered the hyperfunctional Factor IX Padua that is used in the current clinical trials of gene therapy for Hemophilia B patients and, more recently, the Factor VIII Padua, the first identified F8 gene lesion responsible for increased levels of factor VIII and inherited thrombophilia. He is involved in the management of severe perioperative and post-traumatic bleeding with viscoelastic techniques and aggregometry point-of-care at Padua University Hospital. He is one of the founders and the President of the Italian Registry for the Thrombosis in Children (RITI).

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28 Apr 2022
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