Seyfried, Timo


Timo Fabian Seyfried, MD, PhD

20.04.1983 born in Pforzheim, Germany
2003-09           Medical Studies, University Regensburg
2009- current   Dept. of  Anaesthesiology, University of Regensburg (Prof. B.M. Graf, MSc.)
06/2015           Specialist Anaesthesiology
07/2016           Specialist Pain medicine
11/2019           Specialist Intensive care

Current position: starting 01/2021 head of the department orthopaedic and neurosurgery, Ernst von Bergmann Klinikum Potsdam, Germany
Since 2013 head of the cell salvage research group
from 2017-2020 Patient Blood Management coordinator University Hospital Regensburg
12/2018 habilitation(PhD), appointment to private lecturer, University of Regensburg 

Research Interests:

Emergency medicine   
BIS as a prognostic parameter after CPR
Management of in-hospital CP

Transfusion Medicine 
Cell salvage
Blood Salvage with Blood Irradiation in Cancer Surgery
Patient Blood Management


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