Heparin-level-based anticoagulation management during cardiopulmonary bypass: a pilot investigation on the effects of a half-dose aprotinin protocol on postoperative blood loss and hemostatic activation and inflammatory response.

Koster et al describe the use of a half-dose aprotinin protocol and the influence on postoperative blood loss. The second endpoint of this investigation was a bunch of several hemostatic and inflammatory markers. The authors claim to apply a new heparin-level-based anticoagulation management. Not surprisingly, the authors found a significant reduction of postop bleeding tendency. […]

Factors affecting transfusion of fresh frozen plasma, platelets, and red blood cells during elective coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

Important study on factors influencing requirements on blood components during coronary artery bypass graft surgery. More than 80 preop. multidimensional risk variables were evaluated. Effective predictors of blood need were established. The only disadvantage of the study is that it was performed during 1992-1996 when modern antiaggregating drugs certainly were less used. – Volker Kretschmer