Blood management after bilateral total knee arthroplasty.

An extremely large group of patients having bilateral knee arthroplasty has been studied. Without blood conservation measures, 98% required allogeneic transfusion! This study shows the somewhat limited benefits of predonation (a 2 unit donation reduced the rate to 51%). Addition of a cell saver showed significant benefit,i.e. only 8% allogeneic transfusion. Trying to untangle the […]

Blood use in cerebrovascular neurosurgery.

This paper has sufficient data with regards to red cell transfusion in cerebrovascular neurosurgery that allows rational recommendations to be made with regards to a blood ordering scheme for such patients. Such recommendations are long overdue. – M. Contreras.

Transfusion practices for elective orthopedic surgery.

The article demonstrates that the decision towards autologous blood donation (ABD) does not, in the majority of cases, depend on the hemoglobin values but on additional health risk factors. There was even an increase of ABD from 1995/96 to 1998/99, which was not the case, for example, in Europe. Otherwise, the data confirm the generally […]