Potential role for rFVIIa in transfusion medicine.

This a thorough and comprehensive review on the mechanism of action and various indications and uses of rFVIIa, highlighting the pivotal role of factor VII in hemostasis, as well as the efficacy and safety of rFVIIa. – M. Aldouri.

Influence of storage on red blood cell rheological properties.

Growing evidence shows that transfusion of stored red cells may well harm patients. Studies are therefore necessary in order to help establish the reasons for this negative effect. Decrease of deformability of red cells during storage may be one explanation. Reduced perfusion of the capillary bed may be the consequence of reduced deformability of red […]

Survey of the use of whole blood in current blood transfusion practice.

This survey reflects the current situation in England and North Wales, where the prevailing opinion is that only the use of blood components is state of the art. There is decreasing need of source plasma for the industrial production of plasma derivatives due to recombinant products. England cannot use the plasma due to fear of […]

Analysis of 516 reaction reports after transfusion of blood cell components.

The article gives data on transfusion reactions that are not conclusive. There is no doubt about the reduction of non-hemolytic transfusion reactions in chronically transfused patients when using leukodepleted cellular blood components. Finding no difference in the incidence of transfusion reactions between leukodepleted and non-leukodepleted RBCs is contrary to daily experience. However, it is true […]