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Nataonline.com General Conditions of Use

By using the Nataonline.com site, you agree to observe the general conditions of use hereafter defined.

1. The Nataonline.com Web Site Not a Medical Consultation Facility

The information and services proposed within the Nataonline.com site do not constitute neither directly, nor indirectly a medical consultation. In no way, those information and services are likely to replace a consultation, a visit or a diagnosis formulated by your doctor. Neither can those information and services be interpreted as ensuring the promotion of drugs.

You should not implement information available on the Nataonline.com site for the formulation of a diagnosis, the determination of a treatment or the intake and/or the suspension of the intake of a medicine without consulting beforehand a general practitioner or specialist.

You acknowledge that the information published on Nataonline.com is neither complete, nor exhaustive and that it does not deal with all the various symptoms, drugs and treatment appropriate to pathologies and various daily pains.

Moreover, Nataonline.com does not guarantee any specific result following the implementation of information suggested.

Consequently, you recognize that the responsibility of Nataonline.com will not be required because of the information and services suggested on the site, and that you are responsible for the use of these information and services.

2. Nataonline.com Users to Respect Laws in Force

You are informed that all the laws in force are applicable on the Internet.

For this reason, when you use the services offered on the Nataonline.com site, you have to respect the laws, and in particular:           
– the rules concerning royalties and patent rights such as multimedia creations, software, texts, articles, photographs, trade marks, bases data, and images of any nature.

Nataonline.com and in certain cases its partners, are owners of all the rights of intellectual and industrial property relating to the content of the site. For this reason, all mentions concerning these rights cannot be removed, and all reproductions, total or partial, unauthorized acts would constitute counterfeiting.

Moreover, it is forbidden to use the data bases put on line on the Nataonline.com site, or to use them within an abnormal framework.

— rules concerning the processing of personal data.       
— rules of public order.
— rules relating to the respect of private life.     
— rules relative to the rights of the press.

 3. Hyperlinks on Nataonline.com

The installation of a hyperlink towards Nataonline.com requires a preliminary authorization of Nataonline.com You must consequently contact our Webmaster at admin[at]Nataonline[dot]com.

Nataonline.com is not to responsible for the contents, information, the products and the services offered on the sites which are subject to a hyperlink starting from the Nataonline.com site.

In particular, Nataonline.com will not be held responsible on the account of direct or indirect damages such as loss of customers, action at law, misses to gain etc.

4. Guarantee

In a general way, Nataonline.com does not guarantee the exhaustiveness and the exactitude of the information and the services offered on the site, Nataonline.com putting all the means available to offer to the Net surfers a content of quality.

In all assumptions, the responsibility of Nataonline.com, one of its partners or its employees could not be required because of the use that you made of the information and services proposed on the site.

You are encouraged to respect the legal and lawful regulations into force, especially those aimed within the present charter.

5. General Provisions

Nataonline.com reserves the right to modify the clauses of this charter. By continuing to use the Nataonline.com site, you accept the modifications which would thus intervene.

The present charter expresses the whole of the parties’ engagements. No general or specific condition appearing in other documents could be regarded as being integrated into the rights and obligations existing between Nataonline.com and the Net surfers.

If one or more of the clauses of this charter were invalidated for any reason, the other provisions will still be valid.

Any disputes arising from this contract or in relation with it shall be settled definitively according to the French law, before the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Nanterre, France.


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